The numbers of Members with which the Association proposes to be registered is 50. The Governing Council may from time to time, whenever the Association or the business of the Association requires it, register an increased number of members.

  1. The Association membership shall be as follows:
    i. Life Membership Fees : Rs. 1000.00
    ii. Annual Membership Fees : Rs. 500.00
  2. The admission fee for each member shall be Rs. 500.00
  3. Any person who has attained the age of 18 years is eligible to become a member of Association. All members of the Association are eligible to vote and contest to Governing Council in the General Body Meeting.
  4. If the subscription of the member in arrears for more than three months without satisfactory explanation to the Secretary, his / her name will be removed and the Governing Council may reconsider his/ her application for re- admission subject to all the arrears including the admission fee being paid.

1. Eligibility for membership

  1. Any firm, corporate body, incorporated under any law or regulation for the time being in force manufacturing, repairing, assembling complete Machine Tools, shall be eligible to become a member provided that, such, firm or body corporate is either domiciled or has a place of business in India and are patron grade members of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Associations, Past Presidents of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association, particularly those who are associated with the industry in some way, shall be eligible to become members of the association.
  2. The Governing Council shall decide any question which may arise as to the eligibility or otherwise of an applicant for admission as a member of the Association and its decision shall be final and conclusive and it shall not be bound to assign any reason for its decision on any matter or question relating to the eligibility of any applicant or admission or non-admission of any applicant to membership of the Association.
  3. a) If the business of any member is transferred to any body as a going concern with all assets, liabilities, goodwill and name.
    b) If the business of any member whether individual or firm is taken over as a going concern with all its assets, effects, goodwill and name by any other individual firm or company, the Governing Council may allow such transferee to continue as a member in place of such transfer. The Governing Council shall be the sole judge in this behalf and shall not be bound to assign any reason for its decision.
  4. The entrance and annual fees of the respective of membership for the present shall be determined by the Governing Council at its first meeting which will be binding for those seeking membership of the Association IMTMA Past Presidents will be eligible for membership of the association without payment of any fees.
  1. Annual Fees if any shall be payable for each official year of the Association commencing from the 1st day of April in each year, or before the 30th April in every official year.
  2. Subscriptions in arrears shall be treated as a debt to and recoverable by the Association.
  3. The entrance fee and annual fee will be subject to revision provided the change in the rates is approved by the Governing Council and the decision of the Governing Council shall be binding for all members.

2. Mode of Admission to Membership

Application for membership of the association, in a prescribed form shall be submitted, proposed by an existing member. The firm seeking admission shall sign the application form and submit it together with relevant company details. The application thus received shall be circulated amongst the Governing Council Members. The application shall be placed at the meeting of the Governing Council and if the Governing Council approves the application then the applicant firm will be admitted into the association as a member.

3. Rights of the Membership

A member of the Association shall be entitled to:

  1. Receive publications
  2. Participate in programmes and events
  3. Free use of Association's Library
  4. Vote at the meetings of Association's General Body meeting or extra ordinary General Meeting
  5. Nominate the registered representative to contest at the election for Governing council's unreserved seats.
  6. Receive information related to the industry on market, policy issues and so on.

4. Expulsion of Members

If it shall appear to the Governing Council that any member has failed to observe the provisions of these Articles on any majority decision of the Governing Council, it shall be competent for the association to request such member to resign and if the member fails or refuses to do so, the Governing Council shall have right of expulsion of such offending members. Member thereupon shall cease to be a member of the association. Such power of expulsion may also be exercised in addition to and concurrent with any remedy by the terms and conditions, which may be exercisable in such cases.

5. Withdrawal of Membership

A member may withdraw from the Association giving two months notice in writing to the Director general of the Association of its intention to do so, and upon expiry of the notice period such member shall cease to be a member of the Association. Such members shall before giving such notice pay to the Association the Annual subscription and any other dues payable to the Association.

6. Cessation of Membership

a) A member shall cease to be a member of the Association if:

  1. A member is a Company, an effective resolution is passed or an order made by a competent vote for winding up the Company or Corporation such member is a firm, Company or corporation, its nominee, as the case may be is pronounced guilty of an offence which in the opinion of the Governing Council amounts to an act or conduct or omissions in contraventions of any of the Rules and Regulations of the Association or otherwise detrimental to the interest of the Association.
  2. Such member fails to pay annual subscription within three months of the date of the same becoming due and if the same is not paid within one month after the receipt of a written notice requesting a member to make payment of the same.
  3. Such member withdraws by giving two months written notice.
  4. A member is expelled from the Association by reasons of any provisions of the Articles.